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You don’t have to be on Facebook very long to see a post asking you what five things you would rescue from a fire. Generally speaking the answers are pretty predictable. Partner, children, pets, photos. I am always surprised no one says Insurance documents. OK Just me then. Well the following are five things I could well live without but I choose not to. They contribute to and enhance my own life. Like most people I live a life straddling analogue and digital. Fads have come and gone in my life but these are the ones to which I keep returning.

1. Youtube. It probably comes as no surprise, as a film maker, YouTube is an ever present in my life. I do have a business channel showcasing my work but that is not the reason YouTube is important. I use YouTube in all kinds of ways. Sadly watching kitten or puppy videos is not one of them. I recently started Yoga. All kinds of DVDs and classes were recommended but I found the perfect workout for me on YouTube. Yoga for Dudes

If I am researching an item of equipment it’s the first place I go for reviews and unboxing videos, always good to know exactly what you are getting. I do watch the official manufacturer videos but I love real world reviews. The manufacturer might say it does this or that but does it work in real life? Software issues then it is off to YouTube. In the past month I have found and used tutorials on goal setting, visualisation, Evernote, Adobe Premiere, learnt how to repair a dishwasher and found the perfect Smartphone for me. All with a bit of effort and smart searching.

2. Podcast addict. I may be a film maker and therefore predisposed towards the visual but I do love a good podcast. Those of you on IOS will probably be wedded to iTunes but I’m an Android guy and having tried several podcast apps I settled on Podcast addict. It’s a free app but there is a paid version (£2.19) that removes adverts. (I admit it I’m cheap). I find it easy to search for the podcasts I am interested in. You can stream them or with one click download them. You can subscribe to podcasts so you never miss an episode. Be careful when downloading you don’t accidentally tell Podcast Addict to download them all! 384 episodes of Zig Ziglar didn’t go down well with my phone.

3. Journal/notebook. Despite loving my apps and technology I am still pretty much in love with my notebook. I try to carry one with me everywhere I go. I have just started using Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning Daily Journal. I like the discipline of it, writing something everyday however short is really therapeutic. Before anything ever sees the light of day on here it is most likely written in a notebook first. When I plan a shoot I often sketch out my ideas and storyboard in my notebook and then transfer to a format I can share with people. I have tried using online methods but nothing works better for me than my little old notebooks. I have several I am particularly addicted to Moleskin notebooks.

4. Evernote. I signed up to Evernote years ago. Trouble was I really didn’t use it. Every business blog told me I should have Evernote. The turning point was getting an Evernote Notebook. This enable you to take analogue notes and transfer them via your smartphone to your Evernote online account. The notebook was a present and it came with a six months subscription to Evernote premium. From this point on I started using Evernote, I mean, really use it. I use it to collate web pages for future reading and research. I keep all of my notes and emails of current projects, (you can forward emails to your account) in separate folders. I can tag, and classify just about anything and Evernote is smart enough to know which folder to put it in. I could go on. Evernote enables me to bridge the gap between my analogue and online lives. There are loads of video tutorials on YouTube on getting the best out of Evernote but this guy is my favourite.

5. Camera. Shouldn’t really come as surprise but having a camera with me at all times is an essential. Of course the Smartphone has enabled us to have to a camera with us at all times. I also try to take one of my smaller production cameras with me, my current favourite is my Sony A7s. You never know where an opportunity might present itself. Often the video or stills never make it into the public domain but I have enjoyed snapping or filming.

I am sure you would have a different list and I’d love to know your list. Just leave a comment below.

Happy Thoughts for Thursday


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