Five things to get needlessly mad at

There are many things we should all be justifiably upset with. You know, world poverty injustice and the like. How is it then that there a host of other trivialities that make me seethe. Things I shouldn’t even give a monkey’s about but somehow get my goat. If using too many animal based metaphors annoys you are probably about to give up reading right about now but bear with me. Here are five things that for no apparent reason make me angry. I really should try and just roll with the punches and get on with life but I need to get these off my chest.

1. People who stand in doorways. Doors are for going through. You know, in and out. So why is it so many people begin their journey through and then stop. Why can’t they get through the door step to one side and then do whatever they urgently need to do at that point? Do they not realise people behind them are slightly addicted to using doors for their proper purpose? This happens to me just about every day. I don’t get angry enough to confront the offenders and tell them to get out of the way but angry enough to squeeze passed them, sigh loudly and very quietly mutter, “some people”.
2. Being surprised at having to pay at a supermarket checkout. You stand patiently in the queue. (This is not something that has yet made me angry.) The person in front loads their shopping on to the conveyor belt. They load their shopping into their bags. Hand over a bundle of,largely out of date, coupons. Then and only then does it occur to them that they might have to pay for the goods. You have had all of that time waiting in the queue to prepare for the relatively simple act of paying for your shopping. Yet you choose to wait and then, and only then, do you go delving in search for whatever it is you have chosen to use to pay your bill. I am desperately trying to avoid the word, purse, in case I should be accused of gender bias. I’m not. Payment blindness affects all genders. Why O why can’t you be like me and have your card and loyalty card at the ready when you reach the packing area?
3. Shop assistants who seem reluctant to engage with you. I am not talking about those who simply tell you how much to pay, take you money and hand over your change and say thank you. Actually I quite like those. Nothing worse than the shop assistant who embarks on a , usually pre-scripted, chat with you about your day. No I mean those who are on the phone, or talking to their colleague and break stride only to thrust out a hand for payment. Hello, please pay some attention to me, I am a customer.
4. Complete strangers who are over familiar. It’s probably the reverse of number three. How many times on the phone and in person have I been called mate or even worse, matey? When did we become friends that you feel you can address me as your mate? I’m tempted to ask them when we are next going for a drink as we appear to be bessie mates. I don’t of course because I’m British.
5. When my headphone leads get tangled. There I am already to go out, spend some time walking my dogs and listening to some inspirational music or podcast and I have to spend five minutes untangling my stupid headphones. In the meantime I have missed five minutes of what I was going to listen to because I foolishly pressed play anticipating just putting my ear buds and going. I want to know who it is who each night goes around and tangles up MY headphone? Last time I used them I left them beautiful untangled and furled ready for immediate use.

I know I really shouldn’t get angry with things like this but I do. I’m flawed, what can I say.


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