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Five thoughts on Friday (as it was originally called), came about because one day, on a Friday, I had five thoughts and decided to share them with the world. I don’t pretend that they are necessarily the most original or greatest thoughts in the world. Although surely I must come up with at least one stunningly original and ground breaking thought if I write enough of them.

They are literally things that pop into my head during a week. They might be about work, life, love, social media, cinema but they are my thoughts, my stream of consciousness. Some apparently have found helpful/amusing/bewildering/nonsensical, please delate where applicable.

Originally I put them out on my blog and on LinkedIn on a Friday afternoon but so as not to confuse my five thoughts with several other five things on Friday I have retitled them Five Thoughts For Thursday with a hashtag #FTFT.

Read them,

forget what is useless,

enjoy what is funny,

be informed,

be inspired,


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