Five Thoughts For Thursday – Five things changing my life

In early 2016 I reached a point where I decided to work towards a considerable improvement in my health and general well being. Here are the five things that are changing me for the better.


  1. Miracle Mornings. I had seen the book, Miracle Mornings by Hal Elrod mentioned numerous times  on social media. I had also heard about the concept from a Ted Talk I had watched. I decided to buy the book and see what all the fuss was about. I don’t think I had any intention of doing anything about it, after all, I was not a morning person. It’s not a long book and it’s a good read. The basic premise is that you get up earlier than you normally would and practice a number of disciplines. Through this discipline  you will change your life around. I won’t go into all the details, you can buy the book for those, but suffice it say it has turned my life around. I would need another much longer blog post to explain how it has but take my word for it, it has. I have read many self improvement book but this is the first one I have read and put into practice.
  2. The Eight Week Blood Sugar Diet. Another book this time By Dr Mike Mosley  I read a newspaper article which mentioned this book. The article was the story of a man with type two diabetes who used this diet not only to lose weight but reverse his diabetes. i was sufficiently intrigued to buy not only this book but two other related books. I needed to lost weight and I wanted to kickstart the process.  At first glance this diet seems really severe. It is backed up by solid research and evidence and has worked for countless people. So I embarked on an eight week diet. Not only am I losing substantial amounts of weight I am learning about how I can eat better in the future.
  3. Yoga. One of the disciplines of the Miracle Morning is exercise. I had already begun taking my dogs for a brisk morning walk but I wanted something more. Something that would help me build muscle and give me some much needed flexibility. Following the example of Ryan Giggs I chose yoga. I was offered all kinds of books and DVDs and the odd class but I decided I wanted to plough my own furrow, I searched YouTube and came across Sean Vigue and his Yoga for Dudes workout. Perfect. I found the perfect beginner routine for me. The exercises have improved my posture and flexibility and I can’t imagine starting the day without my ten minute yoga routine.
  4. Fitbit. I initially bought the Fitbit to monitor my heart rate but now I use it for so much more. Not only does it record my exercise but it motivates me to do more. There is a saying, “What can’t be measured doesn’t exist.” It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you have been more active than you have. My Fitbit encourages my by showing me how much exercise I have done and motivates me to walk that little bit further or take the stairs rather the lift.
  5. Reading. I have been an avid reader for most of my life but for some reason I stopped reading quite as much. I decided to change this and made reading part of my morning routine as well as making time for reading at other times of the day. It’s amazing how quickly you can get through a book when you set aside time time to read. I make a point of reading a chapter or two a day rather just when I have the urge to read. I also take notes and when I have finished a book I go back through them. I do this to review what I have read and see if there is any action I should take as a result. All to easy to nod in agreement with a section of a book and do nothing about it.

So there you have it, five things that are changing my life. They are all interlinked of course, one wouldn’t really exist without the other. Without them my life would be very different.





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