Five Thoughts For Thursday about the heat

I know it’s been a while since we had any really decent weather but why, when it does come, it drives us all into a frenzy.
  1. Why do people incessantly complain about the heat. Yes it’s hot and no one likes to work in this heat but I really don’t need any more people to tell this.
  2. People who complain about how cold their office is because they have air conditioning.  You shouldn’t be complaining you should be smug, really smug. At the very least you should exude an air of gratitude that your employer bought something that will lie redundant the rest of the year.
  3. Where is an ice cream van when you need it and why do they never take cards?Even if one came I would almost certainly not have any change. We live in a cashless society don’t we?
  4. I know we all wanted a summer but do we have to have it all in one go? If we have to have a two day summer can we  possibly have say, at a weekend. (Apologies to the thousands of people who have to work at weekends).
  5. Why do keep fans in the most inaccessible part of the loft? I know it’s not been used for two years but why did I throw it to far end of the loft. I’d have been much better sitting down and cooling off rather than working up a sweat in the hottest part of the house.
Have a lovely summer.

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